SOLAR FUSION are distributors of Solar Water Heating Systems for a variety of residential, commercial and industrial and industrial applications. Our products are ISO 9001:2001, EU and CE certified and carry a full service 5 year warranty. Our systems use the free solar energy and thereby eliminates costly electricity or fuel expenses.

South Africa has an invaluable natural resource "The Sun". Clean, pollution free, renewable resources are the future and we are proud to be part of it. With electricity and fuel costs ever increasing, now is the time to SOLAR FUSION help you take advantage of Solar Power.


SOLAR FUSION's aim is to supply a good quality, affordable alternative to electricity heated hot water sysems to all our people.


SOLAR FUSION is committed to the supply of equipment, and with the facilitation of the installation of Solar Hot Water Systems (SHWS) for all people in South Africa. This will be done by utilising previously disadvantaged plumbing and electrical tradesmen and women, to carry out the installations and maintenance of SHWS.

The utilisation of these trades people will assist them to achieve their goals of starting small businesses in their won areas. The empowerment will go to helping to reduce some of the unemployment in our Country.


SOLAR FUSION hereby undertakes to supply the best quality, best priced and best selection of Solar Hot Water Systems including, all spares and accessories to ensure continuous top class operation in all temperature ranges experienced across South Africa. SOLAR FUSION is committed to reducing your electricity bill at an affordable price.


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